GEGeek Tech Toolkit 
A complete collection of over 300 Portable Freeware Tech Related programs, all accessible
from one Menu Launcher Utility. There's even a program to update all the essential programs
automatically, all contained on a USB⁄Flash drive for travel. Read below for more details.
After much thought and consideration I have decided to implement a one
time donation based fee for the GEGeek Tech Toolkit.  Donate whatever
you feel is "Reasonable" and I will send you a download link via email for
the toolkit, with free updates of course.
Sorry if this inconveniences some, but I feel this is fair and would go a long
way in helping me to better manage the toolkit and the site.

Latest Version is:     7.7
Latest Uploaded:     Sun Oct-24-2014
Program Size:          1.7gig
  Note: Preferred method for install to avoid any issues.               I Use  7zip - it's free.
1. After downloading the .7z file, you first need to unzip the file to the root of C: drive.
2. Manually launch "GEGeek Toolkit.exe" from within the GEGeek Toolkit dir on C: drive.
3. Right click the new gray circle icon in taskbar.
4. Hover over the "GEGeek" Category on menu near bottom and run "Run Ketarin Update".
5. Now from within the Ketarin program click  "Update All".   Go get coffee.
6. Copy whole GEGeek Toolkit directory to root of Flash Drive.
7. Run "Update All" once per week. - Major Toolkit Updates are planned once a month.
8. Subsequent updates⁄downloads I usually just sync the differences to my flash drive.
Latest changes to -   Version 7.7
Added RAMMon - RAM Identfier 32⁄64
Added Battery Care Portable
Updated Nirlauncher 1.19.5
Added Internet Explorer 8.0 for XP
Removed SIW - Discontinued
Updated Q-Dir 6.0
Updated IObit Uninstaller Portable
Updated and added to Ketarin Anyburn 32⁄64 bit
Added ClipCube to Ketarin
Updated Console 32⁄64bit
Removed Run Command
Updated Windows Repair All In One 2.10.0 manually
Added XYPlorer to Ketarin
Removed Windows Access Panel
Removed Windows 8 Shutdown script
Removed FooBar Scanner
Added RegShot Portable
Updated Ketarin for Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit
Added File Ext Fixer from UVK
Reference Docs is now Tech Shop Docs
    Currently Adding⁄Removing⁄Updating some docs.
Changes⁄Additions for Next Release 7.8
Upgraded HijackThis to version 2.05

Fab's Autobackup - Every Technician's Choice for
                            Customer Data Backup

Watch Introductory Video


Ultra Virus Killer -  It's a lot more than its name implies,
It's also a Complete Maintenance and Repair Suite as Well.
Watch Introductory Video
Add Third Party Programs to UVK


Instant Housecall-  Remote support on-demand & unattended

Instant Housecall


Add GeGeek Toolkit to Hirenís CD⁄DVD for the ultimate troubleshooting tool

Whole show dedicated to the GEGeek Toolkit. . Thanks Mike. Starts @ 11:00

This program is rated 100% Safe.
Is the Process "gegeek toolkit.exe" Safe or Threat ? Webutation

A Word About BitTorrents -  Safe or Unsafe?  -  Why I opt NOT to use them.
Most of the Bit Torrents are safe as the well-known Torrent sites check it out before hosting them for downloads. However,
not all sites are safe. Some may willingly distribute malware while some others may not be aware (they may not have checked
the parts of file they are hosting) as malicious. Besides, if a BitTorrent client is uploading from an infected computer, chances
are that your downloads may be infected as well. Always scan files thoroughly when BitTorrents are downloaded!
False Positives
First off don't be alarmed when certain programs contained within the WSCC ⁄ NirSoft program give you a virus warning.
These are false positives, as these "tools" they are targeting are just that, tools. Tools that some bad guys use to compromise
systems. That is not the case here. There are tools included here that crack passwords and reveal product keys, tools like
that are causing the false positives, thinking that some site has planted them on your drive. I encourage you to thoroughly
test these programs, as I have, and you will be convinced that they are not threats⁄viruses, but only tools.

About the Program....
To launch the GEGeek Tech Toolkit
Simply point to the GEGeek Toolkit.exe program in the GEGeek Toolkit Directory once extracted to the drive.
It's preferred to extract it to the root of the drive for ketarin updates to work.         ex: C:\GEGeek ToolKit

Once launched you will see a blue icon in your taskbar as follows:
Right click this icon to see the menu
This is a sample of what the program looks like
when you right click the icon in the taskbar:

Under the GEGeek Category Near the bottom of the Main Menu are some entry's to be observed:
"WSCC Portable". NirLauncher, System Stats and "Run Ketarin Update"
I will discuss below what each menu item does.

"Run Ketarin Update"
The "Run Ketarin Update" entry is an open source program that checks for updates on my programs and downloads
them, as well as automatically unzips them if need be. From time to time program locations url's change and that
program update will fail. You will need to manually edit the url location in the Ketarin program or you can just wait
till I notice it and make the change myself. Either way you have full access to the program.
When the Ketarin program is first displayed just select the "Update All" button at the bottom and go get some coffee.

Ketarin Program showing all the updates in progress.

Should some updates fail, I would first manually check to see if the link is still valid. Could be a temporary situation.
Right Click on the failed update and force a download. Sometimes this works.
Pic below

"WSCC Portable"
"Windows System Control Center" program.
This WSCC entry is a very similar program to this one and contains all the programs from Sysinternals and NirSoft.
Just in case I missed a program in my menu system, this program will surely have it. You need to run and update
it from time to time as well since they have frequent updates to their programs. Just select the "Updates" button
located upper right of the program when you first launch it.

"System Stats"
If you'll notice, down at the bottom of the menu there's an entry for System Stats.
System Stats is based on the BgInfo program from Sysinternals and customized for use here.

The first thing I always do when I sit in front of a PC is find out what I am dealing with. I want no surprises later on!
When you run this program you will be shown a summary of all the important parameters of the system.
Below is a snapshot of my system's "System Stats"


All the Nirsoft and SysInternals Tools included in WSCC are included here as well in NirLauncher.
Same as WSCC, just a different layout. It's a matter of preference.
Note below in the pic how to switch between packages,  Sysinternals and Nirsoft.

The Tech Shop Docs I've included are for when you are without internet access and need a repair procedure with specific commands outlined.
I've also included a pdf reader just for this situation, just in case.
Comments⁄Suggestions are always welcomed and my only reward.
Any portable app that you think would be worthy adding here just drop me a line
Tell me how I can make this tool better!!!

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