Why do people cheat, screws up Multiplayer Gaming

Why do people cheat, screws up Multiplayer Gaming?

TheHunter Call of the Wild

I’ve noticed for quite sometime now that when someone joins TheHunter COTW and there level is above 60, the game declines really quickly. Animals suddenly become stuck, the offender starts to teleport all over the map and moving incredibly fast, really makes it difficult to play.

A swift Kick to remove them is okay, however the game is still bugged and the only way to fix the issue is start a brand new session.

I wish there was something implemented that if a users level was detected to either have a level over 60 or have obtained trillions of money and only a low level or obtained way more skill points and yet everything was already applied to the skill tree that those people would automatically be kicked and there profile forced to be deleted.

I am sick and tired of people coming into my game and screwing it up for me and everyone else.

People still cheat and at present nothing is being done about it.

I’ve stood on the side lines long enough after 900+ hours and letting people ruin it for me and others.

Cheaters Be Warned

If you cheat and you join one of my games, I am majority of the time streaming, I will point you out and make sure others know you’re cheating. From now on if you cheat in any of my games, I will be posting a screenshot of your nickname & if possible a link to your Steam Profile.

People who join and have a level over 60 are the cheaters, it’s those people that I will be publicly shaming, I don’t care who you’re, but know this, people will start to know who you’re and hopefully down the track, ban your ass from the game.

Avoiding Cheaters

Setting up a multiplayer for friends only is a sure way to prevent the issue, but it shouldn’t have to be this way.


To ALL non cheaters, we love you 🙂

Please fix this.

Cheat resources for developers

Apart from the VAC Ban we also have Easy Cheat – https://www.easy.ac/en-us

I know there isn’t an easy way to implement something. I know through Steam in the backend regarding the Anti-Cheat option that sits on the account for this game – https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/features/anticheat – Even though the option is available to add it, you seriously have to think about all the ramifications that may affect the game if it’s ever implemented.


Current cheaters

HunterNico – TheHunter COTW Cheater



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