GeGeekTechToolkit Download Free

GeGeekTechToolkit Download Free


GeGeekTechToolkit Download Free

If you’ve come here to download the toolkit, you wont actually find the toolkit to download on any of our pages. You will need to head on over to our Discord channel where you can get the latest information. The current version that is floating around the internet has been modified and is not developed by us and also contains Malware. If you did not download the toolkit directly from then you’re running the risk of installing Malware or Ransomware onto your computer. GeGeek is not responsible for you downloading the toolkit outside of this domain.

Pro’s and Con’s to updating and not updating


  1. Having access to the Updater for updating the toolkit is extremely useful
  2. The current list of links for the toolkit are kept upto date or as near as possible upto date.
  3. If you come across a link that has failed, simply let us know and we can update it usually within 12 hours depending on Australian TimeZone I am in.


  1. The updates will be released once every 3/6 months
  2. The updates won’t be on time
  3. Any failed download links you find, you’ll have to update manually

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