Who am I?

Welcome! My name is Naaackers (real name is Nick) I’m 28 and I am a variety caster here on Twitch. I live in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan and have a cat named Leroy Jenkins who sorta likes me.

When do I stream?

My current schedule can be found in the StreamLabs Schedule panel (You can view this information on Twitch) Stream days change depending on the season!

What do I play?

I’m a variety caster who focuses on playing single player campaigns I’ve skipped in life, chosen by my community. This channel is driven by the suggestions made by you. I also do a weekly podcast called Crocs and Hot Pockets, a show about Twitch and the gaming industry with a Q&A to help viewers with any questions they have.

When I’m taking a break from single player, I also do DIY/Creative streams or play Rocket League.

What do I love?

I’m a tech head, gamer and a geek. I love working with audio and video equipment, hence the whole Twitch thing. I work as a Network & IT Administrator and love using tech in my every day life. I also love music, health/fitness, DIY micro-electronics, things that glow and good beer.

Why am I here?

Online communities have been my life for the last decade. These online communities that promote an open and welcoming space for anyone has always been a home for me. They’ve always been a place where you can find fun, help, like minded people and life long friends. Twitch allows me to broadcast my passions in gaming, tech, music, and media while finding amazing people all over the world. Playing video games is awesome, but the true value of Twitch to me is virtually leaving your home town and connecting with passionate people. While being a part of communities has been my life, I now strive to build a community where people help each other out and build friendships. There are amazing humans all over the earth. I hope you enjoy your time here with these incredible people.

My laugh is obnoxious and my screams are unnecessary. I spill a lot of beverages. Read more about Naaackers by clicking here.

Please keep in mind this channel is for mature audiences and may not be suitable for persons under the age of 18.




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