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Even though we’re quite some distance away from touching base of being anywhere near a beta, I’ve decided to add an option for those of you whom are interested in joining the beta and testing out our different phases when they’re released. You understand that your donation will 100% go towards the development of the toolkit.

  • You’ll have access to the beta of the launcher when it starts trialling
  • You’ll have access to the toolkit once it rolls off the assembly line. If you would like your input into the development of the toolkit you’ll need Alpha access. An upgrade fee to Alpha will be available once the launcher has finished development. The fee for the Beta Team for an upgrade will be about USD$39 (This may change either lower or higher or even free).
  • You’ll be offered 2 years of free support (Will more than likely be extended if I get enough users in the program)
  • Exclusive access to the Beta Channel
  • Exclusive Beta Channel Status in Discord
  • All future updates of the beta will be included.
  • Your input is a major scale in the development, so please anything you would like to say please do. Please understand that not al features if any are requested may appear in the first build. However everything will be considered.
  • Your Username will be added exclusively to our About section with a special thank you for being part of the development. It’s not just all about myself, but about you as well.


Since this is only the beginning stages, we will more than likely have other offers added above.


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