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Access to help develop the toolkit. The fee is lifetime. No monthly subscription, just a one off payment. Once you’ve donated, send your transaction ID in a secure message to GeGeek in Discord.

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Please read this post – Updated January 2022

What is this page?

This page gives you all the information related to the launcher, toolkit and serial registration.

Toolkit Serial?

If you currently have a serial number, once the launcher is released you can use your PayPal email and the serial provided to login to the launcher. If you weren’t able to get access to the serial as registration closed, you will be able to get a serial once the registrations reopen. The plan is to release the toolkit beta then release the registration page. The registration page will allow the user to purchase the toolkit which will then use your PayPal Email as the login and your new Serial Number as the password. PayPal is the only option

What is the launcher + toolkit?

Please note that your donation gives you access to the launcher and toolkit development. (The toolkit hasn’t started development as of yet. The launcher as of this post December 9th 2020 only allows you to login and nothing else. You’re paying to have access to this feature, test the launcher and report any issues + any suggestions. When the development of the toolkit starts, you’ll have 100% access to the framework and foundation + 100% input into how the toolkit is developed. Please not that not all features maybe added. This process will take time since this is a massive job. Rather than myself trying to build the toolkit, I will have the beta team for the knowledge to add new features.

Toolkit Plugins + Source Code

It is my plan to have some sort of Plugin SDK developed through the toolkit development to allow users to build there own plugins, for example if a user has a suggestion to add a certain feature, the plugin may be the answer which would allow the programmer to add the feature and sell the plugin which would be licensed for activation and allow the programmer 100% of the sale directly towards the programmer (My way of trying to give back to the community.

Toolkit v11.4x

If you’ve come here looking for the toolkit that you used to use, we’ve made some massive changes to the toolkit. One of the biggest changes we made was to completely start from scratch. The current version of the toolkit v11.4x was deleted. We felt it was time to go back to the drawing board and rather than using third party software lets use our own software. It was getting to a point when using the toolkit and adding new features that I was plagued with issues and when I fixed one issue I would break many others. So moving away from third party software and having to release the source code was just something I couldn’t keep doing, so I decided to take a break, reshape the toolkit, draw lots of images of what I want to do and move forward.

Please read below with the new development of the toolkit.

Current phases of beta development

First Phase
Create the launcher and get it ready – Currently released to the Beta Crew (December 2020) – Once the First Phase has completed it will be released to the entire group. The First Phase requires all Beta Testers 24 to pass the current launcher, once passed it will be released.

Second Phase
Start drawing out and planning the toolkit (Release of the first beta of the toolkit will be around mid 2021)

Third Phase
Back to the launcher to connect the updates from the launcher to the toolkit – Currently there is no update option available until the toolkit has been built.

Fourth Phase
Create our menu system to access to access the toolkit downloads – This wont happen until the launcher, updates and toolkit are all working normally, then the menu will be started.

Fifth amongst all the other phases
Setup a register system to allow new users to purchase and access the toolkit, self assign registration login details, set pricing – I expect this to happen somewhere near the Third Phase.


Your donation will 100% go towards the development of the toolkit.

Beta Details

The Beta for the launcher has now officially been released to the Beta Crew. For those in the Beta, you will be rewarded with the following:

  • You’ll have access to the beta of the launcher when it’s ready
  • You’ll have access to the beta of the toolkit development. We will start this process around Feb/March 2021. Once I have built the foundation I can show my progress slowly.
  • You’ll be offered 2 years of free support (Will more than likely be extended to unlimited support if I get enough users in the program)
  • Exclusive access to the Beta Channel
  • Exclusive Beta Channel Status in Discord
  • All future updates of the beta will be included.
  • Your input is a major scale in the development, so please anything you would like to say please do. Please understand that not all features if any are requested may appear in the first build. However everything will be considered.
  • Your Username will be added exclusively to our About section of the launcher as well as the main toolkit with a special thank you for being part of the development. It’s not just all about myself, but about you as well.