Software: Toolkit Launcher
Language: We only support the English Language. If you run a Windows OS in a different language you may encounter an error.
The following prerequisites are required:
  • As of right now the launcher is on hold = August - December 2021
  • PayPal Email Address and Serial Number. If you don't own these details you can purchase here.
If you registered and can't remember your details, you can contact GeGeek and send him a DM to retrieve your details. Please provide your Full Name or PayPal email. If these details aren't available, you will need to purchase from the link above.
  • So what's happening with the Toolkit? So the backend is driven by NoseJS and at the moment I am still tinkering away on the code and trying new things to get it working. If you happen to login and it works, awesome, if you get an error, well you know why, because my fingers are in there working things out. I will get this working sooner or later. Thanks for sticking by, GeGeek.
  • Install
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