Toolkit Download

Toolkit Download is now available to all registered members on Discord whom have applied for a serial through the registration page.

G’Day and welcome to the Toolkit Download. First and foremost the download for the toolkit is hosted through Discord. So to obtain the download you will need to either download Discord to your desktop or you could simply use the browser, either will work.

You will require your serial number sent to you when you applied for the registration.

Toolkit is broken up into several steps.

  • Google Authentication
  • License

You don’t need to install everything single application once downloaded, it will either end up killing your PC or even worse, something I certainly wouldn’t even try.

The download is available in the download channel at the top of the list just below announcements. This will be the only place you can download the toolkit.


The updater is now free and built into the toolkit. I opted to not do a license for the updater and just focus on one license. At present the only thing the updater will do is download a text file to basically say the updater works. The version number in the main application will remain the same. It’s still a trial and error test, but seems to be doing the job.


Connect through via Discord

Discord is the only way we will distribute the toolkit.

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