Toolkit Launcher

Toolkit Launcher

Welcome to the GeGeek Toolkit Launcher, before we get into the actual launcher details, I need you to understand that this launcher’s primary focus as of right now is to just login, that’s it!  If you close the application, you will need to login again. Read the instructions below to understand everything. The main toolkit will be developed down the track. My main focus as of right now was to build a system that would allow me to update the toolkit easily and provide the latest news directly to my customers.

A lot of work has gone into this development, the launcher will be our standalone foundation framework for our toolkit as we move forward.

So let’s begin.


Toolkit Launcher























Welcome to the Toolkit Launcher.

What’s working

  • You may login with your PayPal Email and Serial Number
  • Once logged in, it will say Access Granted, this is as far as we’ve gotten so far.
  • If for some reason and you’re 100% certain and you get an error that says the username or password are incorrect, the server could be down for maintenance.
  • You can click the About and read who helped support the launcher
  • Clicking Register will take you to the registration page, which for now is just basic until we build the registration system in the coming weeks.
  • How to Exit, when you click the cross in the top right, the application will minimize to the clock area, simply right click on the icon and click exit.
  • Multiple instances – If you load the launcher and login then click the X it will minimize, if you forget and load the instance again, it will load up again and basically it will drop a second instance near the clock. I will fix this issue down the track. Thank you.


What isn’t working Toolkit Launcher

  • Once you’ve logged in, clicking Next doesn’t do anything. Closing the application and reloading will require to login again. This will all change when the Toolkit is developed, you will only need to log in once.
  • Clicking Update doesn’t do anything
  • You don’t get access to the toolkit until we develop it.

Is this is for the launcher?

  • Definitely not, but until the Toolkit is developed, we can’t proceed any further with the launcher.
  • We plan on adding the update feature
  • Clicking next will give you various options before loading the Toolkit
  • News will be more streamlined
  • Register will be functioning.


Why is the Launcher released, shouldn’t it be Alpha?

  • The Launcher is released because we’ve been wanting to get it out to the users ASAP.
  • At its current build, the launcher is complete for as far as allowing people to login with the details people applied for back with the registration.
  • Alpha release was during the beta testing stage of the Launcher, all testers passed off on the Launcher, so it was good for release.


What is next on the agenda for the Toolkit Launcher?

  • Our next direction is building the registration system, making it easy for new members to purchase a serial and previous members to log into a system that will display there personal information for them e.g. Serial, PayPal email etc.
  • The registration system will ask for Full Name, Address, PayPal Email and a few other questions probably related around tech. The reason behind the address question is we plan on giving away hardware as well as our T-shirts and we need your address to send the goodies too.
  • This process will take a few weeks, so aiming for March 15th for completion.
  • So around the end of March leaning into April we will start our development towards the main toolkit. This will be a massive challenge with tons of obstacles. My first step will be drawing what I would like the toolkit to look like, build like a strip of images then once I have a real basic look, I can start work on placing the infrastructure.
  • I predict the toolkit will probably take a few months, I am giving myself atleast 4 months before I come close to some sort of beta, prior to this, I will give the beta crew all the updates as the progress slowly takes shape.



When using our software which has been tested thoroughly with the Beta Testers, we can’t always catch every single bug. If you do encounter a bug please let us know on Discord in the support channel for the launcher.

If you’re interested in being part of the development team and accessing the beta of the toolkit when we go into the development phase, you can purchase this through the shop.


Download GeGeek Toolkit Launcher or