GeGeek Toolkit License

GeGeek Toolkit License

This section is for those that have already obtained the serial and would like to now obtain a license. If you’ve come here from discord, please read the information below.

Get it right the first time, don’t just guess the details below, any submission that has data that is incorrect will just be deleted. When you receive your license, please copy and paste the license exactly how it is into the registration license window and click Finish

All licenses will start to be sent out at the end of December and into the new year 2020. Once you’ve submitted just be patient and wait for delivery.

Your license will be sent to the Discord Username you provide.

When you first start the toolkit a little window opens, you need to go to that window. So start a fresh boot of the toolkit to that window and click Help >> Register.

A new window will appear and display a fingerprint id, write it down. Proceed to fill the form out below.

Once the form has been submitted, wait for your license to be sent to your discord username. Check to make sure all details are correct, any mistakes, your email will be deleted.

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