Windows 11 Voice commands

Windows 11 Voice commands now makes it easier to speak to the computer using Windows 11 and WOW!!


Voice access – Commands List

Manage voice access & microphone to same


Action Command
Access the voice access tutorial “Open voice access guide”
Access voice access help menu “Open voice access help”
Access voice access settings menu “Open voice access settings”
Close voice access “Turn off voice access”
Find out what command to use “What can | say”
Get voice access to listen to you “Voice access wake up”, “Unmute”
Put voice access to sleep “Voice access sleep”, “Mute”
Switch to commands only mode “Commands mode”
Switch to default mode (commanding & “Default mode”
Switch to dictation only mode “Dictation mode”
Turn off the voice access microphone “Turn off the microphone”

Interact with apps


Close an open application “Close [application name]” e.g. “Close Edge”,
Go to desktop “Go to desktop”
Minimize or maximize a window “Maximize window” or “Minimize window”
Open a new application “Open [application name]” e.g. “Open Edge”,
Open task switcher “Show task switcher”
Restore a window “Restore window”
Search on the browser “Search on [search engine] for [x]” e.g. “Search on Bing for books”
Snap window “Snap window to [direction]” e.g. “Snap window to left”
Switch to an existing application “Switch to / “Go to [app]” “Go to Word”

* “xis the search query

* “search engine can be Bing, Google and YouTube

* “direction is left, right, top-left,top-right,bottom-left,bottom-right .

Interact with controls

Check/uncheck a checkbox “Check [item name ]” or “Uncheck [item name] e.g. “Check start voice access”
Double click an item “Double click [item name]” e.g. “Double click Recycle Bin”
Expand a list “Expand [item name]” e.g. “Expand Font”
Move a slider by a specific direction by a certain distance “Move slider [direction] [value] times” e.g. “Move brightness right 4 times”
Put focus on an item “Move to [item name]” e.g. “Move to Recycle Bin”
Scroll in a specific direction “Scroll [direction] “e.g. “Scroll up”
Select an item “Click [item name]” or “Tap [item name]” e.g. “Click Start”, “Tap Cancel”
Start scrolling in a specific direction “Start scrolling [direction]” e.g. “Start scrolling down”
Stop scrolling “Stop scrolling”, “Stop”
Toggle between states “Toggle [item name]” e.g. “Toggle Night Light”

* “direction is up/down/left/right.

Interact with overlays

Drill down into the grid “[number] “
Drill up or revert to the previous state of the grid “Undo”, “Undo that”
Drop the marked object into a location “Drag”
Mark an object to drag “Mark/Mark [number]” e.g. “Mark 4”, “Mark”
Remove grid overlay “Hide grid” or “Cancel”
Remove number overlays “Hide numbers” or “Cancel”
Select a numbered item “Click [jumber]” or “[number]” e.g. “Click 1”, “2”
Show grid overlay “Show grid”
Show grid overlay on a specific window “Show grid here”, “Show grid everywhere”
Show number overlays “Show numbers”
Show number overlays on a specific app or window “Show numbers here”, “Show numbers everywhere”, “show numbers on a notepad”

Control Mouse and Keyboard

Double or Triple-click an item “Left click”, “Right-click”
Left or right-click an item “Click” or “Tap”
like context menus or drop-down menus “Dismiss”
Move your mouse pointer continuously “Release [key]” e.g. “Release Shift”
Press a key multiple times “Press [key1] [key2]….” e.g. “Press Shift B”
Press a key or key combination “Double click” or “Triple-click”
Press and hold down a key “Press [key] [count] times” e.g. “Press Tab 3 times”
Press keyboard escape key to close menu flyouts “Stop”, or “Stop moving”
Release the held down key “Press and hold [key]” e.g. “Press and hold Shift”
Stop moving your mouse pointer “Move mouse [direction]” e.g. “Move the mouse down”, “Move mouse top left”

Dictate text

Insert a new line in the document New line
Insert a new paragraph in the document New paragraph
Insert a tab Tab
Insert the literal word (for example, insert the word “comma” instead of the punctuation mark) Literal word
Insert the numeral form of a number (for examples, insert 3 instead of the word three) Numeral number
Put the cursor before a specific word Go to word
Put the cursor after a specific word Go after word
Don’t insert a space before the next word No space
Go to the start of the current sentence Go to start of sentence
Go to the start of the current paragraph Go to start of paragraph
Go to the start of the current document Go to start of document
Go to the end of the current sentence Go to end of sentence
Go to the end of the current paragraph Go to end of paragraph
Go to the end of the current document Go to end of document
Select a word in the current document Select word
Select a word range in the current document Select word range; Select word through word
Select all text in the current document Select all
Select a number of words before the location of the cursor Select previous 20 words; Select previous 10 words
Select a number of words after the location of the cursor Select next 20 words; Select next 10 words
Select the last text you dictated Select that
Clear the selection on the screen Clear selection
Capitalize the first letter of a word Caps word
Capitalize all the letters of a word All caps word
Make all the letters in a word lowercase No caps word
Change the next number of words to uppercase Change next 10 words to uppercase
Change the next number of words to lowercase Change next 10 words to lowercase
Delete the previous sentence Delete previous sentence
Delete the next sentence Delete next sentence
Delete the previous paragraph Delete previous paragraph
Delete the next paragraph Delete next paragraph
Delete the selected or last dictated text

Delete that

Dictate punctuation marks & Dictate symbols


, Comma
; Semicolon
. Period; Dot; Decimal point
: Colon
Open double quote; Open quote
Close double quote; Close quote; Close inverted commas
Open single quote
Close single quote
> Greater than sign
< Less than sign
/ Forward slash


~ Tilde
@ At sign
! Exclamation mark; Exclamation point
? Question mark
# Number sign; Pound sign
$ Dollar sign
% Percent sign
^ Caret
( Open parenthesis; Open paren
) Close parenthesis; Close paren
_ Underscore
Hyphen; Minus sign; Dash
En dash
Em dash
= Equal sign
+ Plus sign
{ Open brace; Open curly bracket
} Close brace; Close curly bracket
[ Open bracket; Open square bracket
] Close bracket; Close square bracket
| Vertical bar
🙂 Smiley face
🙁 Frowny face
😉 Winky face
Trademark sign
¾ Three-quarter sign
¼ One-quarter sign
½ One-half sign
£ Pound sterling sign
& Ampersand; And sign
* Asterisk
// Double slash
` Back quote
< Open angle bracket
> Close angle bracket
± Plus or minus sign
« Open angle quote
» Close angle quote
× Multiplication sign
÷ Division sign
¢ Cent sign
¥ Yen sign
§ Section sign
© Copyright sign
® Registered sign; Registered trademark sign
° Degree sign
Paragraph sign
Ellipsis; Dot dot dot

Function sign