Ubuntu Tips & Tweaks
10 Awesome Indicator Applets for Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop
10 Package Management Operations You Need Synaptic for on Ubuntu
11 Ubuntu One Features You May Not Be Aware Of
6 Ways to Speed Up Your Ubuntu PC
7 Quick Tricks for Ubuntu and Other Linux Desktops
7 Tips to Get the Most Out of BleachBit, a “CCleaner for Linux”
7 Ubuntu File Manager Features You May Not Have Noticed
8 Ways to Tweak and Configure Sudo on Ubuntu
Add “Open with gedit” to the right click menu in Ubuntu
Assign a Hotkey to Open a Terminal Window in Ubuntu
Beginner Geek: How To Edit Your Hosts File
Boot From a USB Drive Even if your BIOS Won’t Let You
Change or Reset Windows Password from a Ubuntu Live CD
Change the Default Editor From Nano on Ubuntu Linux
Change the User Interface Language in Ubuntu
Check your Disk Usage on Ubuntu from the command line
Check your Disk Usage on Ubuntu with Disk Usage Analyzer
Clean Up the New Ubuntu Grub2 Boot Menu
Clone a Hard Drive Using an Ubuntu Live CD
Configure How often Ubuntu checks for Automatic Updates
Create a Bootable Ubuntu 9.10 USB Flash Drive
Create Desktop Shortcuts in Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10
Create Shortcuts on the Desktop to Run Programs as Root in Ubuntu 11.10
Diagnose PC Hardware Problems with an Ubuntu Live CD
Disable AutoPlay of Blank CD or DVD media
Disable the Global Menu (AppMenu) in Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10
Disable the Login Sound on Ubuntu
Disable the System Beep on Ubuntu Edgy
Enable Google Search From Shortcut Key in KDE on (k)Ubuntu
Enable Smooth fonts on Ubuntu Linux
Get CPU ⁄ System Load Average on Ubuntu Linux
Get Last Accessed File Time In Ubuntu Linux
Get the Top 10 Files or Directories on Ubuntu Linux
Give Ubuntu a Fresh New Look with Bisigi Themes
Keep the Display From Turning Off on Ubuntu
Keyboard Shortcuts for Bash ( Command Shell for Ubuntu, Debian, Suse, Redhat, Linux, etc)
Launch an Application Really Fast With the Keyboard in Kubuntu or KDE
Let Somebody Use Your Computer Without Logging Off in Ubuntu
Ubuntu Tips & Tweaks
Make a Drive Image Using an Ubuntu Live CD
Make Ubuntu Automatically Save Changes to Your Session
Make VLC Player Look like Winamp 5 (Kinda)
Make VLC Player Look like Windows Media Player 10
Make VLC Player Look like Windows Media Player 11
Make your Gnome Terminal Background (mostly)Transparent on Ubuntu
Move a Window Without Clicking the Titlebar in Ubuntu
Move the Window Buttons Back to the Right in Ubuntu 11.10
Open a Second Console Session on Ubuntu Server
Quickly Access KDE Settings Dialogs
Recover Data Like a Forensics Expert Using an Ubuntu Live CD
Reinstall Ubuntu Grub Bootloader After Windows Wipes it Out
Restart the Ubuntu Gnome User Interface Quickly
Scroll Backwards From the Ubuntu Server Command Line
Search Your Computer Quickly With the Deskbar Applet on Ubuntu
See What Updated Packages Are Available from Ubuntu Command Line
See What Version of a Package Is Installed on Ubuntu
See Where a Package is Installed on Ubuntu
Set gFTP as the Default Command Line FTP Client on Ubuntu
Set the Default Browser and Email Client in Ubuntu
Set the Default Browser on Ubuntu From the Command Line
Set the Default Terminal Emulator on Ubuntu Linux
Set Windows as Default OS when Dual Booting Ubuntu
Start a KDE ⁄ Kubuntu GUI Application as Root User
Start an Ubuntu Gnome Application as Root User
Supercharge Ubuntu’s Unity Dash with Lenses & Scopes: 5 Lenses to Install
Unity Dash with Lenses & Scopes: 5 Lenses to Install
Switch Ubuntu Server to use Internet Repositories Instead of cdrom
Sync Your System Clock with Internet Time Servers in Ubuntu
The Battery Icon On⁄Off Switch in Ubuntu
Turn Off Auto-Play of Audio and Video CDs and DVDs in Ubuntu
Ubuntu Control Center Makes Using Ubuntu Easier
Use an Ubuntu Live CD to Securely Wipe Your PC’s Hard Drive
Use Any Folder For Your Ubuntu Desktop (Even a Dropbox Folder)
Use the Windows Key for the “Start” Menu in Ubuntu Linux
Use Ubuntu’s Public Folder to Easily Share Files Between Computers
Using the Kubuntu Run Command Dialog (Alt+F2)
View Hidden Files and Folders in Ubuntu File Browser
The Ultimate Guide to Speed Up Your Linux Computer

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