Linux/Ubuntu Ref

Linux/Ubuntu Ref


Editions of Ubuntu
Ubuntu Kylin
Ubuntu Server

Linux Quick Reference
Online Linux Emulator
Linux Cheat Sheet
Linux Cmd Ref
Linux man pages
Linux Command Reference
Linux Commands Cheat Sheet
Linux Cheat Sheets
Linux QuickRef
Linux Pocket Guide
Linix Intro
Linux Cmd Directory
Linux ToolBox
Linux Cmd Line Reference
Linux Command Line Ref
rpm Cmd Cheat Sheet
Linux Security Ref
Linux Network Config Cmds

Linux Commands
File System Hierarchy
File permissions
Using chmod and chown
File compression
File Naming
df command
Searching for Files
Process Management
ps command
kill and killall
Copy and Paste
Linux ⁄etc⁄fstab
Understanding smb.conf
Understanding xorg.conf
Command line tips
Cool command tricks
quick command line tricks
Systems’ Memory Usage
wget command
vi Reference
Interactive vim Tutorial
vi Tutorial

Linux Sites⁄Resources
How To Forge
Ubuntu Learning Videos
7Tutorials Ubuntu Linux
Admin’s Choice

Linux Apps
2013 List of Best Apps

Linux Docs –
Linux 101
Linux HowTos
Linux ⁄ Shell Cmds
Linux Distributions
Linux Documentation
Embedded Linux
Linux Software
Open Source Issues
Linux ⁄ Tech News
Linux Online Courses

Disk Partitioning on Linux
Introduction to disk partitioning
Partitions attributes
Standard partitioning tools for Linux
New GPT disk Layout for Partitioning
Grub: description of the boot stages
Repairing a damaged Grub
Linux Partitions and File System Layouts

ComputerHope Index
Unix ABCsLinux ABCs
MS-DOS vs. Linux and Unix
Unix and Linux commands
Unix Top 10 commands
Unix Shortcuts
Linux variants
Unix variants
Unix and Linux history
Unix and Linux tips
Unix and Linux links
Linux and Unix news
Linux Q&A

Linux⁄Ubuntu Videos
Linux Course
Ubuntu Course
Basic Linux Tasks

Backup For Linux
Image for Linux

Linux Tips
Linux Tips

Unity Tweak Tool

Linux USB
LinuxLive USB Creator

Articles I Found Worth Saving
Cool and Unique Linux Distros I’ve Tried
Zorin – Windows Like Linux Article
PC Linux OS – Includes every program under the sun.



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