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Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality for some people have come forward and mentioned that when setting up the Mixed Reality for the first time they often experience an issue related around a WDDM error. Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) is the graphic driver architecture for video card drivers running Microsoft Windows.

Updating your graphics card to the latest AMD or NVIDIA won’t solve this issue. The issue is related around Microsoft Intel Driver. Until companies like HP, Lenovo and Acer update the drivers and release for Microsoft, this is the only fix for now. Follow the steps below for installing the Intel driver related to your spec and follow the instructions. The below spec is aimed at the UMD 620 series.

  • Download the UHD Driver from Intel
  • You may find that the driver above from Intel will probably work with other desktops and laptops too.
  • On the download page, the link to the left, click the ZIP file
  • Once downloaded, extract to desktop into a new folder
  • Open the Device Manager (Hold the Windows Key down and press the letter X) A menu will appear, locate Device Manager at the top and open.
  • Once open, locate the Display adapters
  • Whatever is in there, you need to remove it, so press delete and it may ask you to delete it completely by ticking a box then pressing OK, do so.
  • Once done, restart computer
  • When you’re back on the desktop, open the Device Manager
  • This time you’ll notice that the default driver has been installed
  • Now we need to manually update the driver to the Intel driver you just downloaded
  • Go to the folder you just extracted on your desktop
  • The name of the driver you need to install is an INF driver, you can tell the difference between an INF and a standard file when you right click on the file, with an INF it will say Install at the top, 95% of other files will not. The driver for this install is called igdlh64.inf and is located in the win64_15.\Graphics folder
  • In the Device Manager double click the default driver under Display Adapters.
  • You’ll now be asked to either Search Automatically or Browse
  • Click Browse and browse to the location of the driver mentioned above and press next, follow instructions to install.
  • The Intel driver will now install fixing the WDDM issue that originally had a red x
  • The other flags showing a yellow exclamation mark is just warning you that your system even though compatible may not perform to its best ability, but will still work.

Once you’ve finished and the red x disappears, I would stop at this point and allow the customer to continue with the setup. The main reason for this is we need to setup the controllers, via Bluetooth, the setup shows instructions on how to pair etc, if you do this, the customer won’t know. Also it will ask you to setup in a room or in a chair. If you set it up then the room space is going to be a completely different setup to the customers.

Job well done.


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