GeGeek Utility

Google Auth

It’s important to understand that Google Auth is based on the numbers distributed from the applications. We’ve no control over how the Google Auth distributes the codes, if Google has a hiccup, this is outside of our bounds.

Current Google Auth Updated for the Toolkit June 2019 Active

Current Google Auth Status for the Toolkit as of October 2019 Active

This has been tested using Google Auth, Authy and Symantec VIP.

Download Google Auth Android Apple

Download Authy Android Apple

Download Symantec VIP Android Apple

GeGeek Utility

The Utility is designed to assist with recapturing the Google Authentication. The Utility connects to the main application and instructs a signal to allow the user to capture the QR Code again if needed.

If you’ve been sent here to download this utility, please follow the precise instructions below and DO NOT attempt to use any other functions unless expressly deemed to do so. When you download this utility, you’re hereby agreeing that you will only press Begin and Close. Pushing any other options without prior knowledge is your responsibility.

  1. Run the application
  2. Press Begin
  3. Press Close
  4. Once you’ve closed the application, continue with the Google Authentication on the toolkit.

Download Utility