How do I become a GeGeek VIP?

How do I become a GeGeek VIP?

A VIP is not a request, you can either be invited or you contribute a large donation.

The VIP’s are notified of upcoming news of whats happening and where I am at, the information in the VIP section is more upto date that the FAQ. VIP members get exclusive updates on the current status of the toolkit and where everything is at the time of the toolkit.

How do I know what is considered a large donation?

Large donations aren’t $20 or $50. The VIP users whom have donated aren’t just people that have donated once or twice but a multitude of times as well as donating a massive amount towards the toolkit and yet these people still don’t ask questions, they’re happy to just contribute.

If you would like to be a VIP, you can reach out by contacting us @ jason @ gegeek dot com