Adblocker – Blocking Everything

Adblocker - Blocking Everything









Adblocker – Blocking Everything

Updated January 2022

Adblocker – Blocking Everything – When it comes to certain websites and there is so much crap of ads on the site and you can’t view the site because well there is probably like 100+ ads being displayed it really messes up the routine of trying to read whatever you’re trying to do and to be honest, I am all for people trying to make money with ads, but to show hundreds down my throat, forget it.

So it first started only recently when I was looking at people sick and tired of news sites and wanting to find a way to piss of all the ads, so when you follow these steps, you’ll be grateful knowing that you don’t have to put up with all the crap like I used too.

Now I am using FireFox, so if you’re using Chrome, you’ll have to find the alternative.

So this is what I did:

I installed the following


Adblock Plus  To get rid of ads – Works like a charm – But does it really help, well it does, but it also needs some friends to piss off those ads.
Adblock Ultimate  Adding more than one blocker, seems to confuse the page with the code and thus still allow me to view the site without an annoying message saying turn off adblock.
Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker
uBlock Origin
AdGuard AdBlocker
Total Adblock


So for the summary, give it a go, this setup works for me, with so many different adblockers, I generally look at the Privacy and Security for Firefox Extensions and sort by Most Users on the left and check out the top 10 blockers.

Go and read News websites and see how many ads they’re running, you can barely read the news without so much crap being shown.