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Advertise GeGeek


GeGeek offers advertising throughout the entire domain. Depending on what you’re interesting in advertising will depend on the price and also the location.

In any of our main categories (excluding anything related to the GeGeekTechToolKit, Main Page) you may have a text link directly pointing to your domain. The cost of the text link is $250USD = Lifetime.

Advertise GeGeek

If you’d like a banner (468×60, 728×90 etc) located in any of the category sections the price depends from the location. If its placed at the top of the page, for example the Audio/Video section, below the Audio/Video Banner, the cost of the banner is $450USD = Yearly. If placed at the bottom of the website, $350USD = Yearly.

We also offer advertising your link within our software, GeGeekTechToolKit or JaQuiE, the price for the toolkit is $1500USD and JaQuiE is $350USD = Yearly

For either a banner or text link on the main page is $850USD= Yearly

To place a text or banner link on the GeGeekTechToolKit $5000USD (Excluding the top of the page) = Lifetime

The reason the price is extremely high is because the toolkit is one of the main reasons people visit our website, the toolkit alone receives on average 9,000-15,000 hits per day.

The position right at the top of the domain is negotiable. If you want to have your banner in that location, first you need to negotiate a price with the owner CallThatGirl on how much you’d be willing to pay them to have the banner removed, then you’d need to discuss a suitable payment to be placed at the top, anything under $20,000USD will be ignored.

Any payments you opt to send through, please send through this link. Then head on over to the Contact section and fill out the information or ask for more information regarding advertising.

Advertise GeGeek

Advertise GeGeek


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