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Audio⁄Video XP⁄7 Fixes – Click Image to Download Fix

Diagnose and fix audio recording problems


Diagnose and fix audio playback problems

To run a sound playback troubleshooter

Fix Media Player video, and other media ⁄ library issues

To run a CD or DVD drive troubleshooter


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Troubleshoot audio problems in Windows Media Center
Video Codecs Explained
Windows could not start the Windows Audio service
What is a Codec – Overview, Features, FAQ


CODEC Packages
Codec Package for Windows 7
Codec Packs for Windows 8
Codec Package for Windows 10


Software Tools
Codec Tweak Tool


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Computer Audio Basics
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Best Desktop PC Sound Cards
The Beginner’s Guide to Recording Audio in Audacity


Articles I Found Worth Saving
How to Troubleshoot Audio and Video Issues in Windows Media Player
Fix common audio and video issues
Audio Troubleshooting 101
Home Theater
Home Theater Setup Guide 101
Audio⁄Video Home Theater Setup Guide
Setting Up Your Home Theater System – Basics
Audio & Video Connections Guide
Audioholics Set Up Guide E-Books
Digital Music
Portable Electonics
Top Headphones


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