Toolkit Stages Roadmap

Toolkit Stages Roadmap








Toolkit Stages Roadmap – On Hold – 21st March 2021

Toolkit Stages Roadmap – The stages below will give you an idea of what we’re planning and where we’re upto. We will show you the current phases and the dates roughly when we will get started.


  • Phase 1 – Toolkit Launcher released 21st February 2021 – COMPLETED
  • Phase 2 – Start building the registration system to allow users to register for a serial, create account etc – March to April 2021
  • Phase 3 – Draft development for the toolkit, this process will take sometime and will be a massive step up from the previous version. All Beta Crew will be invited to participate in the development. The first few stages will be a lot of drawing cards on what the toolkit will look like and then moving onto the actual development side of what the toolkit will actually function to do – May – August 2021
  • Phase 3.1 – Phase 4.0 – This will involve a ton of checking and updating the Toolkit Launcher for the updates which will be connected to the Toolkit itself as well as updating other functions of the toolkit as we move forward from a beta out onto our first Alpha for the public to test. August – September 2021
  • Phase 4.1 – Somewhere amongst this will be out Toolkit Module which will display all the content downloaded from the Toolkit and displayed. September – September 2021
  • Phase 4.2 – 4.5 – Around October – November 2021 we should be starting to bundle everything together – The Launcher, Toolkit, Module, License (Portable option), plus other parts – October – November 2021
  • Phase 5.0 – So around Christmas time I hope to have the Toolkit functioning and people using the toolkit. The Beta Crew will be helping in the up-scaling of the toolkit as we push out of Beta into a solid Alpha, with a ton of testing and aiming for 1.0 release in 2022 – December 2021


So even after all of this, we may encounter curve balls along the way, I will endeavor to update the roadmap along our journey.




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