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Manufacturer’s hard drive tests that run inside of Windows
Western Digitalhttp:⁄⁄⁄product⁄download.asp?lang=en
If uncertain about model, try this one:  http:⁄⁄⁄product⁄download.asp?groupid=608&sid=3&lang=en
SeagateTutorial:  http:⁄⁄⁄articles⁄en_US⁄FAQ⁄202435en
Toshibahttp:⁄⁄⁄storage-services-support⁄warranty-support⁄software-utilitiesFujitsu – sold to Toshiba on 01 Oct 2009.  No tests available AFAIK.  Use the SeaGate SeaTools for Vista and newer systems, use Hitachi DFT for XP and older systems.  Thanks to MvdB:  You can find RMA info, warranty info AND diagnostics for the Fujitsu drives here.
Samsunghttp:⁄⁄⁄content⁄samsung-en-us  AFAIK, no Windows diagnostic tests are offered for these drives through Seagate
IBM – IBM has merged with Hitachi.  Use the Hitachi Windows DFT (Drive Fitness Test) listed above.
All SSD’s – generally not available.  If available, it’ll be located somewhere on the SSD manufacturer’s support website.
Generic Testers:
Crystal Mark (free) – primarily for testing SSD’s (actually a benchmarking software):  http:⁄⁄⁄software⁄index-e.html
HDTune (free) – primarily for testing HDD’s (just plain HD Tune, NOT HD Tune Pro):  http:⁄⁄⁄download.html