Data Recovery – No Problem with: EaseUS Data Recovery

Data Recovery – No Problem with: EaseUS Data Recovery

Data Recovery – No Problem with: EaseUS Data Recovery

Data Recovery - No Problem with: EaseUS Data Recovery













EaseUS Data Recovery, made with Ease in mind, when it comes to data recovery, there are a lot of different products on the market, some are free and most are paid for. But given the opportunity to try those under the paid option for a trial and actually see them working in action is one major advantage. Even though you’re limited to the amount of data you can retrieve with EaseUS Data Recovery, you at-least get to see it working in action. Your first and foremost scan will only allow you to recovery upto 500mb, however if you share on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to get an additional 1.5GB for free.

How easy is EaseUS Data Recovery

I find this application so easy that a child could even get this right.

  1. Plug in the drive you want to recover
  2. Run EaseUS Data Recovery
  3. Specify the drive for recovery
  4. Once the drive is selected click Scan
  5. The next screen shows you what files have been found. (A deep scan will scan more thoroughly) Go through the tick the boxes on what you recover
  6. Once you’ve finished selecting the the contents to recover, next choose Recover
  7. Specify the location to save the recovered files and begin.

Just remember that when using any kind of recovery software, the process may look simple, but in the background the application is hard at work. Process time for recovery can take quite sometime. So please have plenty of patience to recover the data.

I need help with my recovery?

If you need help with your data recovery, consider reaching out to there support for further information.

Recovery those deleted items

Have you deleted an item and need that file back, check out EaseUS for a step by step guide on how to recover those deleted items.


As a technician and always seeing people losing data, I GeGeek highly recommend this application, it has served me out time and time again recovering customers lost data.

Technical issue with drive not showing

If you ever connect a drive and its not showing up, please try opening the Disk Management option located if you right click on the Start Button on Windows 10. You made need to assign a drive letter before you begin.


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