Ooshies Warning

Ooshies Warning be careful with your Ooshies.

After seeing some people posting Ooshies online specifically the ones that are warped or mispainted or even disfigured from a bad melt or painted the wrong color, don’t be fooled by some of these builds that people are trying to get thousands of dollars through eBay for these. Some of them have even been 3d modeled and purposely altered to scam the user buying the product.

Ooshies Warning













People that post rare or limited edition Ooshies(Unless specifically mentioned by the company distributing the Ooshies) THESE ARE FAKE – Don’t be fooled into buying these. The 36 Ooshies that have been released, they’re the collectibles, plus the super rare furry Lion Simba, nothing else. Don’t be scammed into thinking something that is a different color or printed differently is rare, it’s NOT!!


Super Rare Simba














The Super Rare Simba is the only rare collectible that is genuine.  Only 100 have been released.

None of the gold colored additional collectibles are real and no matter how much people are offering, don’t get scammed.