NirSoft Utilities – Those handy little applications

NirSoft Utilities – Those handy little applications

What is NirSoft Utilities?

NirSoft Utilities have been around for quite a number of years, they’ve helped countless techs in all fields with there work when it comes to diagnosing customer’s PC’s or laptops etc and even though they may be flagged as PUP’s (Potentially unwanted programs) by your AntiVirus, they’re legitimately safe. Most of the applications have been used in a tech environment to help those techs when it comes to backing up software, Fab’s AutoBackup utilizes NirSoft’s Utilities when it comes to backing up the Username/Password and Website URL’s of a customer’s computer by tapping into the browser and obtaining this information for FireFox, Chrome or even Edge and Internet Explorer. They’ve a lot of different tools at your disposal, yes some may look harmful if placed in the wrong hands, but overall, they’re extremely useful.

NirSoft web site provides a unique collection of small and useful freeware utilities, all of them developed by Nir Sofer.
If you are looking for Windows password-recovery tools.
If you are looking for network tools.
To view your IP address and other information, click here.
To view all major IP address blocks assigned to your country, click here.
To read the Blog of NirSoft, click here.
To download a package of all NirSoft utilities (Updated every week), go to this Web page.

Download the NirSoft Launcher

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