Keyboard Warrior Commands

Keyboard Warrior Commands

Keyboard Warrior Commands

Here is a list of commands you can use on your Windows or Mac for the every day user 🙂

Scroller derby:

Is that mouse wheel giving you a mean case of RSI? Don’t sweat it. Tapping the space bar will get you where you need to go.

Oh no, you scrolled too far down? No big deal, just hit shift + space bar to head back up!

OMG Quick hide it:

Your boss is walking to your desk for an update but you’ve been comparing your profile picture to every one of Tom Hardy’s ex-girlfriends (not a real example) … Don’t panic, just abort mission. This will close your current window, leaving your desktop squeaky clean.

PC: Alt + F4 – This will kill the Window

Mac: Command + H

Blow it up:

There’s no shame in it, friends. Our eyeballs are the windows to our brains and sometimes, they need a bit of help. So make like a low-grade movie detective and tell your technician to “enhance”.

PC: Ctrl ‘+’ (zoom in) Ctrl ‘-’ (zoom out)

Mac: Command ‘+’ (zoom in) Command ‘-’ (zoom out)

Stick to ya guns:

When you find that perfect sentence to copy and paste into the love letter you’re writing to Tom Hardy, no one has time to fool around with formatting. So don’t! Copy and paste it in the same format you’re already writing in.

PC: Ctrl + Alt + V

Mac: Command + Option + V

Wrong way, go back:

You’ve accidentally clicked into Tom Hardy’s sex tape and you definitely don’t want to see that. So get outta there, go back to where you came from!

PC: Alt + left arrow

Mac: Option + left arrow

… or you could continue on your way:

PC: Alt + right arrow

Mac: Option + right arrow

Move it – Windows Only:

Do you wish there was a way to move your window around without, you know, moving it around yourself? Well, there is! Just use the window key and the arrows to move your window to the side, minimize it or maximize it.

Left: Window + left arrow

Right:Window + right arrow

Maximize:Window + up arrow

Minimize: Window + down arrow

Restore it:

Did you just accidentally delete that tab playing Tom Hardy’s sex tape? That literally took you hours to track down! Quick, use this trick to get it back.

PC: Ctrl + Shift + T

Mac: Command + Option + T

Bookmark it:

Have you ever found a link that’s too good to forget? Bookmark it!

PC: Ctrl + D

Mac: Command + D

Rename it:

No one has time to right click and rename their documents anymore, or hover over their pictures and double click the text underneath. No, sir! Do this instead.

PC: Click the file then hit F2

Mac: Click the file then hit Enter to bring up the rename box

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