Surfshark scam

Surfshark Scam

When I first heard about Surfshark, I was intrigued, I heard someone telling the audience about being able to watch Netflix which is shown in other countries and watch it in your own country. I immediately jumped onboard to be part of this craze.

I changed from my own country to the USA, headed back to the USA and refreshed the Netflix page, as I did, the same URL just reloaded. So I logged out and refreshed the page, Netflix loaded, went to login and said my details were incorrect.

As it turns out, it doesn’t matter what country you have Netflix in, if it’s in the UK, Germany, Sweden, USA, each one of those countries has its own Netflix. If you try and load your details into a different country, it will not work. You will need to have an account in that country.

So be warned with Surfshark and avoid being sucked in and scammed to use there features which aren’t correct.