Why you shouldn’t get Windows Insider

Why you shouldn’t get Windows Insider is because for the most part the insider builds seem to get more and more buggy, just read feedback.


When Windows offered the Windows Insider program, it was the next beaut of things to come, a chance to test drive the latest options that were available within a windows environment, but with Windows 10, offering the Windows Insider did more harm than good.


Just about everything you can think of inside a PC and everything required to get that beast moving has gone wrong with Windows and certainly a constant fuck up of things within the Windows environment. If you had asked me 12 months ago about this insider, I would of said hell yes, today October 2019, HELL NO!!!

Do yourself a favor and don’t install it.

Are you a gamer?

If you play any sort of games, definitely don’t touch the Windows Insider, most of the games on the market work, but there are also a ton of games which don’t and if they do work briefly, they will end up failing, so it doesn’t matter how much you complain online on the forums that the game doesn’t load or the game is crap, 99% of those people have the Windows Insider version and that is why the games keep crashing, because the game when built was built under the current stable version of windows and not some half ass cocked version. If the games were compiled under Windows Insider, they would probably work, but its just not worth the effort trying to help people if the windows version is all over the place.

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