Download e-Record Here

Download e-Record Here for those that have been looking for this software.

Since July 2010, the Australian Tax Office withdrew support for E-Record – their free electronic record-keeping system. For small businesses (like mine) this is a disappointment, while E-Record was very simple it provided all the functionality necessary without the steep learning curve of other software.

The ATO website no longer includes links for the E-Record software which means that many of us have been left without software to access our old records. For convenience I have included download links for both the Windows and Mac software below.

Please Note: These files will be available here for as long as people still need them They will always be free, however, if you download the files please consider ‘liking us on Facebook – we would really appreciate it and it costs nothing! The files are provided ‘as is’, I provide no support for the software and you agree to use at your own risk!

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These will not work on Windows 10, I recommend you using something like MYOB.

Download e-Record Version 6.2 Win32 – 16.1 MB

Download e-Record Version 6.2 Mac – 13.2 MB

Updated Link October 31st 2020

3 thoughts on “Download e-Record Here

  • February 9, 2021 at 12:39 pm

    Big Thanks to GeGeek cause I love E-Record too. Big ++++++++ to Ge Geek. Thumbs UP Ge Geek

    The ATO should SUPPLY this given Small business NEEDS a simple bookkeeping tool.
    This was / is a great simple accurate tool to pay BAS and keep records. Thumbs DOWN to the ATO.
    Bullied by EXPENSIVE yearly MYOB costs and other complex book keeping systems

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