Streaming Media

Streaming Media


When it comes to Streaming Media, we’ve a ton of different websites all showing different content and whatever country you’re in, you can either see the same content or the content is completely different or it just isn’t available to you (Unless you use a VPN – Which doesn’t guarantee you’ll see overseas content either)  – So here is a list of different services and whether they’re shit or good.

Apple TV

I signed up to Apple TV recently because I wanted to watch the new Tom Hanks movie Finch, 7 day free trial charged at $9.99 when I cancelled, so much for free trial. The movie was great, but Apple TV itself compared to all the other streaming giants out there was completely shit. The browse option to see what shows or movies was being played through the browser was non existent, I looked for an app on my Android and nothing available. Apple TV just seemed to struggle with there website showing content, for such a massive company, your website for showing content is brute ugly and needs a serious update. Don’t bother getting this subscription.



Tubi is something different, now owned and operated by Fox has a ton of old movies and tv shows, they’re supported by showing Ads through your stream, those Ads sometimes are related to where you’re or show overseas based Ads. Tubi isn’t available everywhere. It is only available in United States, Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand. I made a post ages ago on the different categories on the website and also the apps you can use to view online. Tubi or It is a great viewing experience with some really bad movies but also fun to watch at the same time.



Netflix is one of those Streaming Giants where the content is restricted based on where you live. Years ago you could use a VPN to see the content based in that country, today you can’t, if you try, it just says that you need a subscription in order to see that content. The actual content for Australia isn’t that big and after seeing what they showed in the USA/Canada/UK etc, Australia is definitely being left behind and only gets to view atleast 20% of what is actually out there. Overall its ok.


Prime Video

Prime which is part of Amazon is quite massive and with a lot to choose from it is a enjoyable experience, however there are some TV shows that will only show you so many seasons then tell you that because you’re outside of the USA, you can’t view those extra seasons and you’ve to wait until they’re released. The content has a massive range to choose from and if you have to buy anything, make sure to rent it rather than purchase since it is a lot cheaper. Overall it definitely is worth a subscription.



Disney+ is one of those streaming giants that has content related to Disney, the main reason I went here was because of the Star Wars & Marvel content which is quite massive in itself. A large collection of content to view. They also offer the Nation Geographic content as well. Disney+ offer a large collection of content to watch and if you’re up there with your Star Wars and Marvel, you’ll enjoy this.



Paramount+ was one of those places I signed up to because I was interested at the time in watching certain content that wasn’t available anywhere else. They’ve a somewhat nice collection of tv shows to watch and movies. The good thing with Paramount+ is the TV Shows episodes are released weekly when they’re released overseas. That was a bonus for me, so I didn’t have to wait forever in Australia to wait for the content to be released. Phewww.



Not quite sure why I jumped on this band wagon, probably because I had a majority of other services and this at the time was only new, so I went and got a subscription. It has a large collection of movies and tv shows all current. If only you’ve not picked much of anything else, Stan is a good choice.



HBO Max offers a ton of content that isn’t really available to any of the other streaming giants since the content is purely just USA for example House of the Dragon, The Last of Us, Cartoon Network and DC, all of that content is exclusive to HBO Max and not available on any other services. Try using a VPN but don’t hold your breath, another example of VPN’s trying to sell you there products, but they’re shit when the services you’re attempting to join just don’t work, welcome to being suckered into there BS.



Hulu is American owned and mainly just offers American content from breaking news to today’s biggest stories, with Hulu + Live TV, now with Disney+ and ESPN+ you get 85+ live channels including CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC – along with the local and national network news, tv shows and a bunch of movies. Most of the content can be found of other streaming services.



Hayu is for those people who can’t get enough of reality tv. Stream over 6,000 episodes of reality TV, including Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Below Deck and Real Housewives. Personally none of the content appealed to me, even though they’ve been around since 2016, which probably explains why they’ve so much reality content.



Britbox is for those that have missed all the content shown on British TV from Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Vera, Agatha Christie’s Marple (ITV version), Miss Marple (BBC version), Line of Duty, The Mallorca Files, The Sweeney, MI-5. There is a lot of old content including some really good old shows like only fools and horses and coronation street which I remember watching back in the mid 80’s. So a good collection.



So as you can see with just a small handful of different streaming media services out there, it is certainly a collection of things to watch. Thanks for reading.