Search Engine Optimization Website Ranking Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Website Ranking Marketing SEOWRM – When you first build your own website as you look out across your own blank canvas after squiring your own www domain, a lot of thoughts start to slowly sink in.

  • What could I write on this canvas
  • Will the content I write be useful to someone else
  • How often do i have to keep changing it
  • How will I know if someone else came and looked at my work
  • Is the content I am writing just being seen by myself


Lots of factors come into play. When I was first introduced to the internet, sitting at the computer and having a staff member say to me, “Type in anything you would like to search for”, straight away I was so engulfed with wow what do i want to know, so many thoughts, so the first thing that popped into my head, “How many dimples on a golf ball” I pressed enter and wow.

All these different results (BTW anywhere between 300-500 dimples depending on the type of ball), so many different results being displayed. I spent the next few hours clicking away and looking up all sorts of knowledge, but when I think back to that day so many years ago, just how did the search engine know where to retrieve those results from? Let’s go and find out.

The Journey

I won’t be boring you with details all about SEO, if you’ve made it this far then you’re probably wondering how do I do SEO or how come my website isn’t performing to the best of its ability, what is wrong with my website? Honestly there are hundreds of factors that can come into play when it comes to working on a website, working in SEO, back-linking to other websites, showing content that is not only relevant to your website but also showing the user whom performed the search to display the content to them as well.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. More.

What is marketing within SEO?

SEO marketing refers to how you brand your product and how you want the product placed on your website and the reaction of the product towards the customer aimed at the search engines. It does sound complicated, but if you’re interested in the marketing side, come and have a chat with Lisa with @ SEO & Marketing. Be sure to check out 6 tips that will help you on your way as well.


Search Engine Optimization Website Ranking Marketing
Search Engine Optimization Website Ranking Marketing

When you open Google Images and look for SEO Marketing, the mind can boggle with so many different images on what people can offer and some of the pricing just goes through the roof, but with those people that are offering incredibly high pricing, those people more than likely have the skills in what you’re looking for. Do you’ve to pay a lot of money to get ranked? Not at all and you can either do it yourself or pay someone else.

When it comes to working in SEO not only is it a great idea to add Meta Tags to your website, but also consider adding some of the following to your website as well:

  • Outbound Links – These generally refer to a website linking to something else but still based on the same category
  • Internal links – If you’re writing content on your website about recipes for example, might be a good idea to link to a different recipe if you mention certain keywords
  • Keyphrase in introduction – Your Keyphrase is usually based on what the title of the page is, be sure to include the Keyphrase in your introduction
  • Keyphrase in subheading – Be sure to also use the Keyphrase in the subheading
  • SEO title width – make sure the title isn’t to long
  • Image alt attributes – One of the biggest down falls when it comes to SEO is to not insert any Image alt attributes (The required alt attribute specifies an alternate text for an image) in this case the title of this webpage, “Search Engine Optimization Website Ranking Marketing” I would use as the alt attribute
  • Text length – Last but not least, does the content on the page contain enough text to warrant the SEO to stand out enough and be grabbed by a Search Engine. Make sure there is enough content added to the page, 500+ keywords is a good start.

Meta Tags – help me out here briefly

Meta Tags are the elements placed in the head of the website that help define what the website is about e.g. the description of the website (What is it about), the keywords (what keywords reflect your website). Read more on the Wiki.

In conclusion to SEO, if you would like assistance with your SEO, out GeGeek package for SEO is USD$150 – Not only will we help you with your SEO but we will also teach you the basic fundamentals on SEO and how it can be used and maintained, so with the knowledge you can onboard, you can also pass it onto others or teach others as well. Learning about SEO doesn’t happen overnight, its forever changing and you will always be learning something new.

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