CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error WhizzleShamizzle

CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error WhizzleShamizzle

CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error WhizzleShamizzle

CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error WhizzleShamizzle











As of Windows 10 v1803 Build 17686.1003 – This bug has now been fixed. In the meantime please use the troubleshooting steps below,

CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED occurs when a process needed for the operating to run properly, well, dies. Processes are like programs, but multiple processes can be used by a single program- and processes directly interact with your processor, hence their name. The bad thing about this error is that it could be just about anything critical to the operation of your computer: namely, your hard drive, your memory, or, if you’re especially unfortunate, your processor. CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error WhizzleShamizzle

Method 1: Please refer the link below and check if it helps.
Troubleshoot blue screen errors

Method 2: I suggest you to boot in Safe mode with Networking and look for the latest installed update. Try to uninstall the Update and check if it helps.
Safe Mode with Networking is useful for troubleshooting problems with programs and drivers that might not start correctly or that might prevent Windows from starting correctly. Safe mode starts Windows with a limited set of files and drivers. CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error WhizzleShamizzle

Please refer below link on how to boot computer in safe mode with Networking.

Note: After the troubleshooting, make sure to boot your computer to normal mode. CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error WhizzleShamizzle


Tips for fixing the Critical_Process_Died:



#SCAN BY COMMAND PROMPT(Admin will be required) to type sfc /scannow


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