MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error WhizzleShamizzle

MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error WhizzleShamizzle

If you enrolled in the Windows Insider Program, you can now download and test Windows 10 build 17677 on your computer. This build release brings a series of interesting new features, as well as many bug fixes and improvements. MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error WhizzleShamizzle

As usual, this build also brings issues of its own. After all, this is the main purpose of the Insider Program, isn’t it? We scoured Microsoft’s forum and identified two frequent build 17677 bugs that most Insiders complained about. MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error WhizzleShamizzle

Windows 10 build 17677 issues

The first bug on the list is actually quite severe. Many Insiders reported that build 17677 is affected Green Screen of Death errors that block the build install process. It seems that the most frequent error code that appears on the screen is this one:

MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error WhizzleShamizzle



Fortunately, we do have a troubleshooting guide on how to fix MEMORY_MANAGEMENT errors. Follow the instructions available in this guide and do let us know if you managed to solve the problem.

The second issue concerns non-Microsoft apps. Insiders reported that non-Microsoft apps often fail to open. Sometimes, error 0xc0000005 appears on the screen as well.

Many non-Microsoft apps and app setups are erroring out with 0xc0000005 errors. This recurring after second full clean reinstall, and re downloading the build. SFC run, no violations. […] Avast Free Antivirus won’t run or reinstall. My VPN client won’t run or reinstall, utorrent and bit torrent won’t run or reinstall.

If Windows 10 build 17677 is too buggy for you, then the best solution is to simply use a previous OS version. You can also temporarily opt out of the Insider Program.

The MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error message is shown alongside the Blue Screen Of Death, and it can be a very annoying issue. In this article,we’re going to show you a few tricks for resolving the MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSoD error.

The MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error affects all Windows versions, including Windows XP, Windows  7, Windows Vista, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It often occurs when users run highly demanding processes, such as complex games, VR games, watching 4K livestreams, etc.

How to Solve MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Error Message in Windows 10

Quick solution to fix various errors in Windows 10

  • Step 1: Download this PC Scan & Repair tool
  • Step 2: Click “Start Scan” to find Windows issues that could be causing memory management’ error in Windows 10
  • Step 3: Click “Start Repair” to fix all issues.

The MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error occurs in the following situations:

  • MEMORY_MANAGEMENT on Asus, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 3 — this BSoD error affects all devices, but when it comes to Microsoft’s Surface line, it seems that this issue is prevalent for Surface Pro and Surface Pro 3 devices.

MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error WhizzleShamizzle

Microsoft Error Code Lists

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